Experience of designing a questionnaire

First we discuss on how to design the questionnaire that make the respondent willing to fill the answer. We have some argument among group members because some of us agree on set a lot of questions and providing a gift for respondent such as chocolate to spend some times to filling our questionnaire while most of us agree on set a few questions.

Later on, we agree on set up a few questions on our questionnaire and design a attractive font and design on our paper to make more interest in the respondents. Moreover, we create the interesting questions which are very useful in opening a real coffee shop in liver street. Our research topic is ‘what are the factors that influence the place attachment for coffee shop located in Liverpool street’. We have 4 factors and 3 questions from each factor. To do so, we set only 12 questions in total, 11 for closed end questions and 1 for opened question. We decide to distribute 120 questionnaire to reach the most accuracy information from people in this area. We have divide for 15 questionnaire to distribute for each member in our group in the Liverpool street and 5 questionnaire through social media to get wide range of data.

To conclude, I found that the most difficult part in designing the questionnaire is how to make it attractive and how to make people spend some times to filling our questionnaire. Although, our group members has different idea because of different culture and countries but finally our ideas becoming one.


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