Experience of collecting and analysing data

When we collect the questionnaire, we can collect only 109 out of 120 sets of questionnaire. We face 11 error questionnaires in total. Some errors caused by the respondent unwilling to answer some questions in our aper while some questionnaires were losing. From these 109 sets of questionnaire, we collect 54 sets of student, 35 sets from private employee, 7 sets from public employee and 20 sets from both government’s officer and business’s owner, which are 10 sets for each. However, only 3 sets we can collect from executive manager. We stand like couple of hours to distribute and collect just only 20 questionnaires. This is so difficult for us.

When we analysing the data, we use Microsoft Excel to see the data and compare it easily. We have to put our information into one file, so we decided to let the leader collect it. We send Excel file to him, which provide the data of 20 sets of questionnaire and send to him. After that, we bring these datas to build up the chart. We have built the pie chart, bat chart, line chart and even table chart in order to see and understand these information clearly.

I have found that analysing data is not so difficult but collecting data is. We are lucky that prepare 120 sets of questionnaire instead of 100 sets. Moreover, distributing questionnaire without giving the gifts for respondent is hard. They are busy through this place because most of them are working people and they do not want to do something for free. I have learnt that next time if I have to distribute the questionnaire again, I will find something to attract them.


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