Experience of presenting my own research

After we finish the analysis of data, we have to prepare our presentation in a few days. We have to prepare the slide for our presentation and power-point is the program we choose. First, we discuss among group that which size and font we should use, then which colour of font and background we should use to make our audience easy to see and can follow the topic we are presenting. Moreover, we talk in deeper point, which is how to make our audience understand our information data.

On the presentation day, we choose the light colour of back ground with the black font to make it clear looking. We provide our data in the percentage with many charts such as pie chart, bar chart and table chart. We explained the whole methods from the way collecting data to analysis of data. We put the conclusion and recommendation at the end of slide in the presentation. However, we received some feedbacks from lecturer. The lecturer said we miss some key information which is research topic. We totally forget because we are too much focusing on how to get attention from the audience. Finally, we got the score lower than we expected.

From this situation, I have learnt that I should concern the important thing first range it from most important to less important. I should do the important thing and follow the instructions rather than focusing on colour and font of Powerpoint slides. I learn from this mistake to adapt myself in the future.


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