How I have developed and my priorities for Term 2

From the first week of term 1 until now, I have practice many skills including some skills that I lack of such as communication skills, decision making and flexibility as I have mentioned it in ‘personal development plan’. I have done a lot of individual assignments and group works. These makes me improve my communication skills because I have to discuss among group members and share my opinions. I speak a lot with my foreigner friends and lecturer and gain a lot of experience and knowledge that I never know before.

Moreover, I have made some important decision while studying and doing the group works. For example, while we have to present in the next coming week and our work are not move on. I acted as a leader of a group to divide the task for our group member. For flexibility, it have a lot of situations in this university during this 10 weeks. I have adapt myself and depend on situations to get the best outcomes. This makes me not to struck on something and can be move on then I face some problems.

For next term, I will take the benefit from these skills and use it to develop my learning style. I will do my individual assignment more fluently, also for the group assignment. It will help me to communicate with other easier and understand faster because now I am more confidence. I can adapt myself up to the different situations and finally I will get the best outcomes.


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