Most effective leadership style to managing the work of subordinates

Management and leadership both have the significance keys that lead organization to be successful. The best way to describe the similarity is both of them lead to better effort, most organization expects that management could work along well with leadership. Alan Murray has mentioned that ‘Leadership and management must go hand in hand. They are not the same thing. But they are necessarily linked, and complementary. Any effort to separate the two is likely to cause more problems than it solves.

However, there are various different between these. Management is focus on task and results rather than their employees. In order to accomplish the goals, management style is giving command, control and follow the organization structure. The management personality styles are often be rational and under control problem solver. Autocratic, democratic, authoritative even consultative can be described as manager. On the other hand, leadership tends to focus on motivating people. Leaders have ability to influencing, motivating and enable employees to contribute toward the effectiveness and success within an organization. They simply look at the problems and create the solutions. As a result, people naturally are willing to follow and me more loyal to the leaders rather than the manager because they of personality character.

Personally, I do believe in leadership style. People need an inspiration and motivation. These two things can make the employees loyal to the company and make the better effort. Naturally, people do not like other to control and obey them. They will just finish their work with the poor quality in each day. Therefore, if I am a member of a team, I would like to be led by leadership style rather than the manager. From CMI 2013, I am fully agreed with the statement. Different situations need different people. Sometimes it is better if leader and manager can become in one person in order to managing the task, solving problems and motivating people simultaneously. I would like to reference the McGregor’s Theories. The benefit of theory X and Y is to help managers to focus on their thought on the different ways people relate to work. So, this theory could help leader and manager understand their individual staff that how to led and manage them. In contrast, the limitation is that this method was flawed and in turn his conclusions were not even representative; therefore, the results cannot be generalized.

The first example that I would like to be led is Larry Page, the cofounder and current CEO of Google Company. He acts as leader and manager at the same time. He created the Google workplace around the world to become like a home. For instance, he created the relaxing atmosphere in their office such as table tennis inside, swimming pool, basketball field etc. The reason is he wants his subordinate to relax and get out for their stress and after that they will generate the ideas. What is more, Page challenging people to think and speak. He makes other feel safe to speak-up and confidently share their perspective point of view.

The next leader is Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbuck. Everyone knows that Starbuck treated their staff very well, for instance, they offering insurance to even part-time workers unlikely to other coffee shop. In 1997, there are three Starbuck staff were killed in a bumbled robbery of one of their Washington D.C. stores. After Schultz knows the news, he immediately went to D.C. and spent entire week with the employees and their families to show the compassion and helped to heal the families of those victim in these tragedy. From this situation, Schultz can send any one of their employees to the D.C. but he is not. He went there by him self its mean that he cares their employees too much.

From these two example leaders, it can be seen that good leadership skills lead to succeed. Page and Schultz both are caring their staff and treat them fairy. The employees are willing to follow the leader; loyal to a company they work for and feel comfortable to work without stressful. Unlikely, putting them deeper into stress or giving too much command may cause the worse effort.

In my opinion, I would recommend the manager should familiarize the subordinate in order to know exactly what are things that could inspire individual to produce better performance. Because different people can make an different levels of an effort as well as they have different behavior, inspiration and need.


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4 thoughts on “Most effective leadership style to managing the work of subordinates

  1. Your blog are clearly demonstrates that what is the tMost effective leadership style to managing the work of subordinates. according to your opinion that “manager should familiarise the subordinate in order to know exactly what are things that could inspire individual to produce better performance”. good job


  2. Personally, in my opinion I also agreed that every people had different type of skill and abilities that they can be which it is important that manager should acquaint and know the skill of each workers. Most of the part you had a good supporting evidence of McGregor’s theories. Well done !


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