Managing Change

Recently, our world is about changing. Changing is a way to adopt the present world to the new world including innovation, human potential and so many other things. Meanwhile, some people prefer to remain unchanged because changing is not always the best way to create better results.

According to the Mullins’ point of view, I am agree that changing is one of a keys to success and managers can little do about people who strongly resist to any change. In Kent’s research, it is show that people who can create change is the leader not the manager. Leader can inspire and motivate them in a right way and influencing the relationship.

Nevertheless, in some situations it is not always leader who can create the change. External factors are another key that drive change such as uncertain economic conditions, government policy, demand, technology etc. From these factors, it is a time for the manager to create changes on their employees in the organization. For example, in many decades ago, people tend to use typewriter to write a document, but because of the technology change. Typewriter was obsoleted and replaced by computer. Therefore, manager can create change by offer a high paid job for computer user in that time otherwise employees will lose their jobs.

So, what manager can do in their role to avoid the resistance of change? There are two ways to avoid this problem. First is to educate the employees. The manager should give the knowledge and show that changing is not a waste but changing is a thing that could bring them to success in their life. In addition, most people prefer to remain unchanged because they afraid of unknown future, so they stay remain their currently status quo and they do not want to go higher.

As we know that manager is an authority person, manager can give them an order to change as well. For example, manager should give an instruction at the beginning of the company’s orientation such as there is company’s policy that every employees must adapt them self and changing all the time. As a result, it can help to change the perspective of the employees and it is a way to avoid the resistance of change since the beginning. If everyone adapts himself or herself to have the same belief and attitude it could help them work well together as a team in the organization and achieve the company goals.

Although, employees resistance may make the management rethink and filter of the change decision that which change are more appropriate depend on various situations. Sometimes, organization may change something in a wrong way or do it wrong; therefore, those employees resistance could remind and bring the organization up from those changes.

British Airways can be seen as an example for successful of an organization changed. Back in 1981, British Airways has brought on board a new chairperson who noticed that the company’s operating was very inefficient and wasting a lot of valuable resources. He decided to restructure the entire organization in order to make more profitable. First, he has reduced workforce, followed by closing 16 routes, 8 online stations and 2 engineering bases. He gave a reason of these layoffs as to prepare the workforce for the upcoming change. This chairman always communicated honestly and frequently manages the change. After the change for less than 10 years, BA has a strong commitment to productivity, profits and customer services. Also they have a better image, bring the company out from bankruptcy and became one of the world’s most respected airlines.

To illustration, I would recommend Kurt Lewin’s change model management. There are 3 steps in this model, first is unfreeze. Unfreeze is to motivate people the need for change and provoke them into this step. Next is transition. Once they are changed, it is highly recommend that the adequate leader should be involve and communicate with these people to be successful in the process. Freeze is the last step. After change has been successful and these people are okay, then the company should make it permanent (lock things in). The advantages of this model are easily to understand and apply, as it is able to plan and implement for achieving successful organization change. What if we talking about limitations? Timely could be an answer. Lewin’s model is a long-term changing process, so it might be unsuitable for some organization or some people who has less time. Moreover, another limitation is at freezing period. If there are worry about new change is coming, the employees can be eases of change shock. Lewin has observed the following ‘This change shock causes employees to not be as efficient or effective in their jobs.’


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4 thoughts on “Managing Change

  1. This include one of my favor model. It is Kurt Lewin’s change model. This model is a good framework changing the company’s culture. You also added some limitation of this model, that was quite useful and have to be concerned


  2. Well done, you did some good point that to motivate people to use computer manager can create change by offer a high paid job for computer user in that time otherwise employees will lose their jobs.This example demonstrate that what is the easy way to motivate people.


  3. This is an interesting one and surely my favorite one. 😀 You had a excellent perspective point of view about Kurt Lewin ice cube theory. The example that you gave are clear and easily to follow. Its brilliant !


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