My vision of leadership

Is successful leader starts with vision? The answer is yes. Why? Because vision creates views of the future; therefore visionary leader creates organization future as well, isn’t it?

The effective leader should be able to define a vision and build the followers assign on it. Good leader must express their vision and inspire others that are the way to differentiate a leader from a manager.

In 1939, Kurt Lewin had created the theory about leadership styles named as Lewin’s Three Styles Model, which are Authoritarian leadership, Participative leadership and Delegative leadership. I would most prefer to be a democratic leadership style or it often called participative leadership. I believe that inspiration could bring the great efforts to the organization. Moreover, if leader make their followers feel that their opinions are matter, for example, contribute them into the decision making process; as a result it would help to boosts the employee’s morale, attitude and ethical, which could lead to the organization’s goals.

I have a story of a person who was inspired me about good leadership when I was worked for a part-time job in the restaurant. One of managers always gives an order to all staff without any inspiration or motivation such as reward. The restaurant sales decline in every single day. The staff performance in the restaurant was very poor and they seeking for the new job very often. Suddenly, this manager has to move himself to manage other branches and a new manager whose name is Tin came for replaced him. Tin has a different way to lead his subordinates. He started with participation. He became a part of a team to shows how work could be effectively done, unlike the old manager who always do nothing except obey others. In addition, Tin set a staff meeting to brainstorm and share ideas, speaking, inspiring and motivating his staff by using compensation term. Unbelievable, one month passed, the sales were 20% increased. I have experience that this kind of leader can change people and it is a reason why I would like to be a democratic leader.

Are you ready to lead? You have to listen what people say. As I am a MBA student, I have received many comments from my colleagues at Coventry University London Campus and Patara fine Thai cuisine where I have my part-time job. They all said I have a good communication skill. That is my strength, which I often inspire my friends both at the university and workplace when they get tired. Most of the time I always act as the leader to discuss, inspire and divide our task. Did you believe that when I am first came to London communication is my weakest skill? For this reason, I have tried to develop my communication skills by speak more with foreigner friends, instructor even with waitress at the restaurant I have visited but it wasn’t enough! Eventually, I have decided to work in a restaurant to practice my communication skills with the customer and it’s work! Therefore, I just recognized that good communication skill is the first step of being effective leader.

I will use Carlos Ghosn case to support my view. Ghosn is a president and Chief Executive Officer of both Renault and Nissan companies. The Fortune 500 reported that Carlos Ghosn has created the combined revenues of $143 billion. The keys behind of this success is Ghosn believe that change in the organizational structure should come from the bottom level and not be forced from the top management. His leadership style is democratic. When Ghosh established the objective, he involved his team to a decision making process. In addition, he was interested in discussing, sharing ideas and taking suggestions from his subordinates. ‘We will encourage our employees to make their decisions based on an existing experience.’ ‘I think one of the basics of transcultural leadership is empathy.’ stated by Carlos Ghosn. He inspired or empowered his subordinates to take decision, provide them challenges to perform better performance.

To conclude, democratic leadership style could bring the company achieve its goals. Because success is come from the bottom, in other word, achievement can be done by employees. Therefore, I am confident that I can be democratic leader relating to my characteristic and skills, as I am good at motivating and encouraging people.


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4 thoughts on “My vision of leadership

  1. I like the way you present in this article. Giving a theory, give an example and compare to your skills. I hope that you will be an effective leader in the future.


  2. Your vision of leaderships are awesome, as a MBA student I am confident that you are ready to be a leader, Moreover, I believe that you will become a excellence leader in the future for sure!.


  3. The way you explain how a company can be success came from the bottom or can be done by employees. From this phase I’m totally agreed and also believe in the same way you did. Surely with any work of line is important to a company but only with a good leadership and skillfully one it’s more easily to achieve the success. Through all your blog I’ve read so far.. I really enjoy your blog and point of view you had and I hope you can achieve as a good leader in the near future 😀 😀 😀


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